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Specializing In Aluminum Fabrication And Repair

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Opt for accuracy with powerful cutting

Let our seasoned team prep your metals for welding or fabrication with precise plasma cutting and flame cutting. Get unparalleled value from your locally-owned organization!

  • 50-amp plasma cutter for metal up to 1/4" thick

  • Plasma cuts with a high-velocity jet of ionized gas

  • Flame cutter for thicker metals

  • Flame cutting uses fuel gases and oxygen to cut

  • Nearly all types of metal cut

  • Welding and steel fabrication available

  • Call for more details!

Choose plasma or flame cutting

Take advantage of the entire scope of our metal expertise during your next big project.


Allow us to give you a hand from start to finish. We welcome challenges big and small, whether it's a backyard build or an essential component for the oil industry.

Create a unique metal piece

Our service is completely guaranteed.



J Haas Welding and Fabrication LLC has served Fort Worth and the surrounding communities since 2004.

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